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Van Halen: The Studio Albums 1978-1984

Get your hands on Van Halen's original studio albums! We are giving away copies every day this week. Read on to see how you can get your hands on yours...

This collection compromises Van Halen’s first 6 albums, when they were fronted by singer David Lee Roth, and contain some of their biggest hits. 


Van Halen are one of the world’s most legendary rock bands, having sold over 75 million albums worldwide since their revolutionary debut in 1976. Driven by the guitarist widely regarded as second only to Hendrix, Van Halen have produced some of rock’s most unforgettable rock songs.

This new collection compromises Van Halen’s first 6 albums spanning 1976 to 1984. Highlights include ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love’ and ‘You Really Got Me’ from their influential debut; as well as ‘Panama,’ ‘Hot For Teacher’ and ‘Jump’ from the huge selling album, 1984.


• Runnin’ With The Devil
• Eruption 
• You Really Got Me 
• Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 
• I’m The One 
• Jamie’s Cryin’ 
• Atomic Punk 
• Feel Your Love Tonight 
• Little Dreamer 
• Ice Cream Man 
• On Fire 

• You’re No Good 
• Dance The Night Away 
• Somebody Get Me A Doctor 
• Bottoms Up! 
• Outta Love Again 
• Light Up The Sky 
• Spanish Fly 
• D.O.A. 
• Women In Love… 
• Beautiful Girls 

• And The Cradle Will Rock… 
• Everybody Wants Some!! 
• Fools 
• Romeo Delight 
• Tora! Tora! 
• Loss Of Control 
• Take Your Whiskey Home 
• Could This Be Magic? 
• In A Simple Rhyme 

• Mean Street 
• "Dirty Movies” 
• Sinner’s Swing! 
• Hear About It Later 
• Unchained 
• Push Comes To Shove 
• So This Is Love? 
• Sunday Afternoon In The Park 
• One Foot Out The Door 

• Where Have All The Good Times Gone! 
• Hang ‘Em High 
• Cathedral 
• Secrets 
• Intruder 
• (Oh) Pretty Woman 
• Dancing In The Street 
• Little Guitars (Intro) 
• Little Guitars 
• Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) 
• The Full Bug 
• Happy Trails 

6. 1984 
• 1984 
• Jump 
• Panama 
• Top Jimmy 
• Drop Dead Legs 
• Hot For Teacher 
• I’ll Wait 
• Girl Gone Bad 
• House Of Pain


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