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So less than 24 hours till the start of The Heavy Metal Truants charity ride from London  to Download, arriving at the festival on lunchtime Friday.

The event is broken up into 3 days.

50 miles the first day, then 80 and then 30.

Whilst I'm used to these kind of distances my training and racing hasn't exactly gone well the last few months. Bad luck and misfortune has blighted me. As recently as this past weekend in an attempt to ride from Leeds to the Planet Rock studios (over 200 miles in 18 hours) my crank "went" after 50 miles. What does that mean??


Let's just say that shouldn't be in my hand!

The previous month I took part in a race in Italy, which just kept going wrong from the moment I forgot me helmet in England! It ended with sunburn and my luggage getting lost!

I come into this event bang out of form and bang out of luck! But this isn't about me. It's about raising funds for some needy kids (The Heavy Metal Truants). So for three days I'm happy to suffer so they don't have to.

I'm looking forward to riding alongside Luke Morley, Rod Smallwood and Bruce Dickinson, to name a few of the participants and hopefully can help out if I can (I make a great more ways than one!)

If you'd like to sponsor me at any point you can do so here, as well as getting all the info at the official website.

I'm packed for the start at Alexandra Palace and will have some daily updates both here and on our Twitter & Facebook pages.

My final decision is to decide what I'm going to put on my bike so I can find it! (they are all supplied in the same colour!)

I might go with a Motley Crue headscarf draped over the handlebars. That or a miniature Animal from The Muppets!

Speak to you from the road!

 - Wyatt