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Our New Planet Rock Slogan

Thank you so much to the THOUSANDS of you that took part in our competition to come up with a new slogan for a new TShirt.

It took us days to sift through nearly 5000 suggestions and after a bit of gentle arguing, a little scuffling and a democratic vote we finally have a winner.

Amazingly TWO people managed to come up with the same slogan - Diana from Newcastle and Bill from Walsall - and here, without further ado, is the winner:


THAT is the slogan that will be emblazoned across a brand new limited edition T-shirt in a few weeks time (pre-orders start in about a week or so) and may find itself as a brand new Planet Rock on air advert.

Once again, thanks to everyone that took part. This was a close call and we took a long time deliberating over the ones that would work best as a t-shirt and an on air slogan and some worked brilliantly for one and not the other, some were funny but inappropriate for mass consumption and some were just surreal.

Some of the other close calls included:
  • Caution! May cause involuntary air guitar
  • Praise the loud
  • It's not prog, it's just a very long song
  • Also available in loud
  • Easy listening for the hard of hearing
  • And on the 666th day, He created Planet Rock. And it was Good....Very Good!
  • Everything else is just ****!
These are just a few of the ones that we like - there were hundreds that were close calls

We may return to some of these in the future for new on air promos, but for now - thanks to everyone that took part and GO FORTH AND AMPLIFY!

Planet Rock VIPs now get 10% off all merchandise from the Planet Rock Shop (including the new Go Forth And Amplify Tshirt when it appears in the shop in the next couple of weeks). 

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