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Journey to the Centre of the Earth Fanpack

A record ahead of its day, Rick Wakeman's JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH has at last been re-recorded and can now be purchased in its entirety for the first time exclusively from Future Publishing. 

This new edition includes additional new material which had to be cut from the original due to time restrictions, along with additional pages of re-discovered score which had been presumed lost. The scope of the original was too vast to be accommodated in a studio, with the only option to do a live recording. Now you can celebrate the the studio debut release of Journey to the Centre of the Earth in this exclusive Classic Rock fanpack, which includes:
  • Full re-recorded album Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  • 132-page magazine
  • Replica Programme from 1974 Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Tour
The magazine is the ultimate souvenir of this landmark recording, featuring interviews with Rick Wakeman himself, along with the musicians, conductor and production staff involved a recording which fused genres, broke new musical ground and floored critics.

Take a look around the magazine below:

For the true collector the t-shirt bundle includes all of the above, plus a replica of the collectible Journey to the Centre of the Earth t-shirt from the 1975 tour.

If you want to pre-order Journey to the Centre of the Earth, or you would like more information on this exclusive offer, please CLICK HERE.