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Need a job doing? We know just the people…

Support your local community and hire trusted tradespeople through MyBuilder. Every tradesman is carefully reviewed to ensure only the best in quality and service!

Here's how it works...


From plumbers to carpenters, and handymen to plasterers, no job is too big or too small for MyBuilder


Interested tradesmen will then respond quickly through the site and you can compare by skills, work history and customer feedback.

Only tradesmen you’ve selected will then contact you with a quote.


Once you've received quotes from several tradesmen, you can confidently hire the right one for the job!


Now put your tool kit away and stick the kettle on!



Are you a tradesperson?

"In my first six months of trading around 90% of my work came through MyBuilder."

Dave Gilbert - Electrician


Join MyBuilder today; build your online presence, gain credibility and get more work!

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