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My Builder Tradesperson


MyBuilder was founded by a tradesman with the simple goal of helping quality trades get the right kind of work, in the most affordable way.

So if you’re looking for more work in your local community, join MyBuilder today…


Thousands of Jobs: In more than 30 different trade categories, across the entire UK

Low Fees: So you can run your business without spending a fortune on marketing costs

Reputation: Customers are able to read reviews of your previous work, giving them peace of mind and building your online presence.

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Get £50 credit on your account with Voucher Code: RADIO2014


Plumber in Cardiff

"MyBuilder has gor me where I am today. I started with nothing and now it's my main source of income."


Builders in Wiltshire

"A single £25 extension lead can generate £40,000 worth of work and keep us busy for 3 months."


Electrician in London

"In my first six months of trading around 90% of my work came through MyBuilder."



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