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Win A SIGNED Joe Bonamassa Les Paul

On 21 May Joe Bonamassa releases his tenth studio album, DRIVING TOWARDS THE DAYLIGHT and we are celebrating this Essential Album with a giveaway that you are NOT going to want to miss. We are giving away a breathtakingly beautiful EPIPHONE JOE BONAMASSA LES PAUL Goldtop guitar and copies of the brand new album.

We also have an exclusive hour long DRIVING TOWARDS THE DAYLIGHT special on 20 May.

Keep reading to find out more about the new album, get a free download, watch Joe's new video, find out about the album special and how you can win that signed Les Paul.

Recorded at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles, CA and Studio at the Palms in Las Vegas, NV, Driving Towards The Daylight is a back-to-basics album that highlights Bonamassa’s signature style of blues, roots, and rock & roll. There are five Bonamassa originals on there, along with covers of classic tracks from the likes of Tom Waits, Bill Withers and Jimmy Barnes (who pops up to provide vocals on a cover of his own hit single 'Too Much Ain't Enough Love'). 

 "We’ve taken some really traditional old blues songs – the Howlin’ Wolf song ‘Who’s Been Talkin’ and Robert Johnson’s ‘Stones In My Passway,’” says producer Kevin Shirley, "and we’ve tried to imagine how they would do them in a rock context. It’s a very exciting return to the blues in a very visceral way. It’s vibrant and it’s gutsy and it’s really, really rugged.”

A unique group of musicians was assembled for the record, including Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford (guitar), Blondie Chaplan (guitar), Anton Fig (drums and percussion), Arlan Schierbaum (keyboard), Michael Rhodes (bass), Carmine Rojas (bass), Jeff Bova and The Bovaland Brass, Pat Thrall (guitar), and Whitford’s son Harrison Whitford (guitar). 
This is easily Joe's most satisfyingly "complete" record since The Ballad Of John Henry, with the tone and pace perfectly pitched for blues fans and rock fans alike. There are highlights all over the record, from the driving opener to the beautiful title track single:

(Click Here To Get A Free Download Of Driving Towards The Daylight)

The album is released as a Limited Edition Digibook and vinyl on 21 May.

Track Listing

1. Dislocated Boy
2. Stones In My Passway
3. Driving Towards The Daylight
4. Who's Been Talking
5. I Got All You Need
6. A Place In My Heart
7. Lonely Town Lonely Street
8. Heavenly Soul
9. New Coat Of Paint
10. Somewhere Trouble Don't Go
11. Too Much Ain't Enough Love (w/ Jimmy Barnes)

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On Vinyl

Joe and some of the record's major players have recorded a series of Making Of videos about the album, which you can watch below. These are the first five episodes with five more due in the coming weeks.

Just hit play below to watch the first five episodes: 

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In the same issue, you’ll find Joe’s lick-by-lick account of the studio sessions for Driving Towards The Daylight.

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On Sunday 20 May at 6pm Joe Bonamassa will host an EXCLUSIVE hour long album special on Planet Rock.

He'll talk through the album and play tracks ahead of the official release the following day.



From Monday to Friday next week we are giving away copies of DRIVING TOWARDS THE DAYLIGHT every day. In his show after 6pm Nicky will have a "driving" related question about a track from Joe's back catalogue. 

Tune in to hear the question, and if you can answer it correctly here online then you will go into a daily prize draw for one of the CDs.

And then at the end of the week one lucky listener who has entered at least one of the daily competitions will win the signed EPIPHONE JOE BONAMASSA LES PAUL, as pictured above.