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God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

Over four decades no one has encapsulated, enjoyed and suffered from rock n roll excess more spectacularly than John "Ozzy" Osbourne - the Prince Of Darkness, the legendary frontman and heavy metal icon.

GOD BLESS OZZY OSBOURNE is a stunning brand new film that reclaims Ozzy's musical heritage, through the good times and the bad, through triumph and tragedy and it is, frankly, the best music documentary of 2011.

GOD BLESS OZZY OSBOURNE is the first rock documentary to tell the career spanning story of a major icon's torturous and emotionally fraught journey to sobriety, which Ozzy regards as his greatest accomplishment. Featuring interviews with his brothers and sisters, as well as Jack, Sharon, Aimee and Kelly Osbourne, God Bless Ozzy Osbourne is a film about the intoxicating rush of success and the redemption that comes from pulling away from the very thing that made you successful.

Featuring never-before seen footage uncovered from the archives and interviews with Sir Paul McCartney, Tommy Lee, Henry Rollins and others, God Bless Ozzy Osbourne is the first documentary to take viewers inside the mind and psyche of a legendary and timeless cultural figure.

You can read our review of the film HERE

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