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Treat Yourself To A Free Audiobook Download

Money's always tight after Christmas, so audiobook specialist Audible is once again offering Planet Rock listeners the chance to get a FREE AUDIOBOOK.

There are over 50,000 top audiobooks on offer in the Audible catalogue, and any one of them could be yours for absolutely nothing.

One of the books you can get for free is the awesome BRIAN JOHNSON'S ROCKERS AND ROLLERS: A FULL THROTTLE MEMOIR.

By night, Brian Johnson sings in the biggest rock 'n' roll band on the planet. But by day, AC/DC's charismatic, flat-capped frontman gets to indulge his passion for all things automotive. Cars and rock 'n'roll, they were made for each other.

Car racer, car collector and all-round car enthusiast, Johnson is an incurable, certifiable petrolhead who can't remember a time when four wheels didn't feature as large in his life as music. Starting, as a young boy growing up in Tyneside, with an old steering wheel and his imagination, a lifelong passion took root early. And through cramped teenage fumbles in an old mini and clapped-out, hygienically challenged tour vans, to chauffeur-driven, leather-trimmed limos and a sideline as a successful racing driver, it's been there ever since.

By turns surprising, joyful, poignant, and usually laugh-out-loud funny, Rockers and Rollers is the story of man with an insatiable appetite for life and a glimpse into the extraordinary world of AC/DC, set soon to overtake the Beatles as the biggest selling-band in history. Packed with hair-raising anecdotes and revealing a God-given talent for comic writing on every page, Brian Johnson has written the most unique, entertaining autobiography of the year - and essential reading for car nuts and rock fans.

Here's a few clips from the book (Caution: contains swearing and adult themes)

The Driving Test:


Escort Services:

Triumph Roadster:

But if that doesn't take your fancy then Audible also have fantastic books by the likes of SAMMY HAGAR, KEITH RICHARDS, OZZY OSBOURNE, STEVEN TYLER and NIKKI SIXX in their catalogue, along with classic rock biographies from the likes of ERIC CLAPTON and PINK FLOYD'S NICK MASON.

Plus they have all of the latest fiction and non-fiction releases, and any one of them can be yours for NOTHING

All of the best recent and classic works of fiction and non-fiction are available at Audible, and thanks to this offer any one of them is yours for FREE to download to your iPod, iPad, Kindle, Mobile, eReader, Laptop, MP3 Player and even Sat Nav..

With this offer you will get ONE free audiobook of your choice from the Audible collection, and thereafter you will get one audiobook per month for a bargain £7.99 (or two books per month for £14.99). However, if you download your free audiobook in the 14 days and decide not to continue after that then you can cancel your account, keep your free book and there's no strings attached.

To sign up and get your free book click on the link below.

If you've previously signed up to Audible but cancelled your membership you are unfortunately not eligible for a free audiobook this time but that doesn't mean you have to miss out - You can currently get THREE MONTHS half price membership.

That's £3.99 per month for three months (and £7.99 thereafter) and for that you get one audiobook per month.

To take up this offer all you need to do is CLICK HERE

Terms and Conditions

- If you need any assistance claiming your free audiobook, please speak to one of Audible's friendly support team on 0800 496 2455 or email
- You are signing up for a free 14-day trial of Audible during which you pay nothing and can choose to download any audiobook for free. Credit/debit card details are required to prove identity and that you are over 18.
- You will not be charged during your free trial. Membership automatically begins at the end of your free trial, unless previously cancelled during the free trial period in which case you will keep your free audio book. To cancel your membership during the trial period, visit your account at
- The free trial is only available to first time members of Audible. Planet Rock listeners who took up a free trial previously and cancelled, may have a half price membership offer available at