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The Answer - Revival

REVIVAL is where The Answer come of age. The album sounds tighter, harder, deeper and, well, better than its pretty excellent forerunners. It's less Free and early British blues rock n roll, more hard and fast AC/DC, with a generous helping of early Aerosmith and a little GNR thrown in there for good measure.

From the country slide intro to the blistering opening track 'Waste Your Tears' via the unspeakably brilliant quiet/loud rocker,'Tornado', all the way to the Zep-esque 'Destroy Me' and the closing 'Lights Are Down' (which wouldn't have sounded out of place on Slash's last solo album) this is an album custom built to prove a point, and is easily amongst our favourite records of the year.

The band have clearly matured in terms of their sound and while tracks such as the album's lead single 'Vida' and the driving 'Caught On The Riverbed' provide a tangible link to their past records, it's tracks such as 'Use Me' and 'Nowhere Freeway' (featuring an appearance from Lynne Jackaman from Saint Jude) that will take your expectations of what you think The Answer are and stamp all over them.

REVIVAL should be the album which not only pushes The Answer into the mainstream but, as the name suggests, it might just save rock and roll for the 21st century.

REVIVAL is released as a standard CD and a limited edition deluxe format with 24-page booklet & band sleeve-notes, plus an 11-track second disc containing previously unreleased studio, acoustic, demo & cover material.

CD1: Vol. 1 (Revival)

Waste Your Tears
Use Me
Nowhere Freeway
Vida (I Want You)
Caught On The Riverbed
Destroy Me
New Day Rising
Can’t Remember, Can’t Forget
One More Revival
Lights Are Down
CD2: Vol. 2 (After The Revival)

Piece By Piece (studio track)
Faith Gone Down (studio track)
Nowhere Freeway (live acoustic)
Tailspin (demo)
Fire And Water (cover of the Free classic)
What I Am (demo)
Caught On The Riverbed (live acoustic)
The Eenemy (demo)
Show Me The World (demo)
One More Revival (live acoustic)
Lights Are Down (piano and vocals)