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Welcome 2 My Nightmare Official Fanpack:

The brand new limited edition collector's pack features Alice's stunning new album, WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE, plus 2 exclusive bonus tracks, a giant Alice Cooper poster, official metal pin badge, Alice Cooper mask, plus a 132 page magazine.

WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE is a sequel to Alice's seminal 1975 album Welcome To My Nightmare, and features an array of high profile guests. The surviving members of the original Alice Cooper Band make an appearance on three tracks, marking the first time that they've recorded together in more than 35 years.

And original producer Bob Ezrin also returns to take the helm, to help Alice resurrect the horror and humour for a new generation.



"This is Alice's nightmare 35 years later," explains Alice, "Bob and I created this character and we know how to write for him. We kept the first Nightmare album very personal to us, on this one we found more humour and we were more open. This was our world and we want to present it to the fans.

"The original album was my first solo album after all those huge hit records with the original band and now that nightmare is exposed, this one can be a little bit more open. The music crosses all sorts of boundaries; we went where the lyrics took us."

The stellar array of collaborators on WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE includes reunited original Alice Cooper members Denis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith; global pop superstar Ke$ha, who affectionately calls Alice "dad"; and legendary Alice and Lou Reed guitarist Steve Hunter.

"That's my rebellion," says Alice of the more surprising guests, "I like people that don't belong and yet what they're doing works perfectly. I don't care where it comes from, as long as it's right. If you tell me something doesn't work, I'll work my head off until it does then shove it down your throat.

"I think a lot of my audience is going to go 'KE$HA?', but she probably wrote the darkest lyrics in the song – we had to rein her in. I like people to know that just because artists are put in a pigeonhole, that doesn't mean that's what they are. Give people a little room."

Available to pre-order now, the WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE fanpack is released on 12 September. It’s the only way for fans to get their hands on this landmark album before the UK release date of 17 October – and also includes lots of unique content not available anywhere else.

Fans who buy the Alice Cooper Fan Pack be able to hear WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE weeks before it hits the shelves in record stores. And what's more, the Fan Pack version of WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE comes with two exclusive bonus tracks that won't appear on the record store version of the album - a new track called 'Under The bed' featuring the original Alice Cooper Band PLUS a live version of 'Poison' recorded at this year's Download Festival.
The Fan Pack magazine is 100% Alice-approved and contains interviews with all of the album's contributors, along with a major brand new interview with Alice himself that reveals the secrets of the new album and looks back over a 45-year career that has seen him sell more than 50 million records and change the face of rock forever.
The magazine is also packed with a wealth of rare shots of the great man from Alice's personal archive, plus testimonies from his famous fans. A must for all Alice Cooper fans.

Track Listing
1) I Am Made Of You
2) Caffeine
3) The Nightmare Returns
4) A Runaway Train
5) Last Man On Earth
6) The Congregation
7) I’ll Bite Your Face Off
8) Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever
9) Ghouls Gone Wild
10) Something To Remember Me By
11) When Hell Comes Home
12) What Baby Wants
13) I Gotta Get Outta Here
14) The Underture

Fan Pack Bonus Tracks:

15) Under The Bed
16) Poison (Live From Download)

Alice will be playing tracks from WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE on the road this Halloween during his Halloween Night Of Fear Tour, which will see the king of shock rock play six dates around the UK.

The shows will contain all manner of ghastly performances, with the show at London's Alexandra Palace featuring a freak show performance from some of the UK's finest freaks.

Here's the tour dates:

Tuesday 25 October - Sheffield City Hall
Wednesday 26 October - Bristol Colston Hall
Thursday 27 October - Birmingham NIA
Saturday 29 October - London Alexandra Palace
Sunday 30 October - 02 Apollo Manchester
Monday 31 October - Glasgow Cylde Auditorium

You can get tickets for the shows from the link below: