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Alice Cooper's Scary Stories

Halloween is Alice's favourite time of the year, and he's looking for your SCARIEST stories.

We want you to tell us your scariest, most chilling stories - be that a personal run in with a ghost or getting stuck in a lift with the Bay City Rollers - we'll leave the subject matter up to you.

The best scary FOUR stories will be played by Alice during his Halloween night show on Monday, and all four winning story tellers will bag themselves a STUNNING PURE Sensia internet-connected digital radio with colour touch screen.


We want you to use the awesome audio blogging website, AUDIOBOO, to send us your stories.

You'll need either a computer with a microphone, a smart phone or some way of recording your story as an MP3.

When you're sending your story be sure to do a couple of things:

1) Start your story with "Hi Alice" and then tell him your first name and where you're from.
2) Keep the story to a MAXIMUM of 2 minutes - get the story straight in your head before you start recording.
3) Once your story is recorded and you're happy with what you've done, hit PUBLISH on the recorder, give your story a NAME (this is important, so keep the name short and simple) and then fill in the form below so that you are entered into the prize draw for the PURE SENSIA.

If you're ready to go, then hit the record button below and send us your scary stories (feel free to send us more than one, if you so choose - just submit the stories separately).

Once you've submitted your story make sure you fill in the form below to complete your entry into the competition (you need to do both bits - send a story AND fill in the form) otherwise you won't be eligible to win the PURE Sensia.