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PLANET ROCK Advent Calendar: Day 9

Opening the door on DAY 9 we have...

A Yamaha Restio!

Yamaha Restio                                                             

Enjoy a Musical Interior

With a sleek stand and minimal proportions, Restio looks like a work of art.

It was created by completely re-imagining the concept of a music source as part of a room's interior. 

Merging beautifully into the living space, this is an entirely new audio form that you can match to your lifestyle.

Minimal Design Allows Flexible Placement

With a 9cm body and a half-moon shaped stand, you can position Restio right up against a wall. What’s more, the standalone style doesn't require a shelf, so there are no restrictions on where you can put it. You can even remove the stand and hang it on a wall. 

It’s the perfect way to match your music source to any room’s decor!

Sound That Lets You Appreciate Music

Using a two-way, four-speaker system finely tuned to HiFi audio standards, Restio is designed for premium quality sound. 

Delivering powerful, expansive bass and crisp, precisely contoured treble, it ensures complete enjoyment of everything from the fast kick of a bass drum to gentle sounds and vocals.

Restio also includes a three-band equaliser, so you can adjust the sound to match the type of music and your own preferences.

Music in the Air...From Everywhere

You can dock your iPod or iPhone directly into the top of the unit, for a digital connection that delivers high quality sound.

In addition to a CD player and radio (DAB, DAB+ and FM), Restio also has USB and Aux-in terminals for plugging in USB memory devices and other sound sources.

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The Calendar

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