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PLANET ROCK Advent Calendar: Day 5

Opening the door on DAY 5 we have...



• A spray-painted picture by the band

• Signed Head Down CD

• Head Down on Vinyl

Recorded in Nashville with Grammy-nominated producer Dave Cobb and Grammy-winning engineer Vance Powell, Head Down takes the band to exhilarating new heights.

Keep on Swinging pretty much sums it up: big, bold and totally badass, it sets the tone for an album which raises the bar across the board. The breezy Wild Animal and Until the Sun Comes contrast nicely with the raunchiness of All the Way and Three Fingers, themselves preludes to the sheer girth of You Want To – which recalls Zep at their raucous best – and the mighty Manifest Destiny Pt. 1, a shadowy, brooding epic.

Both as performers and songwriters, these guys have upped their game, and Head Down puts them well ahead of the pack. Fizzing with freshness, Head Down honours half a century of classic rock with reverence, respect and the realisation that this music is still happening right now.

See below for complete track listing:

1. Keep On Swinging
2. You Want To
3. Wild Animal
4. Until the Sun Comes
5. Run from Revelation
6. Jordan
7. All the Way
8. The Heist
9. Three Fingers
10. Nava
11. Manifest Destiny Pt. 1
12. Manifest Destiny Pt. 2
13. True


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