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PLANET ROCK Advent Calendar: Day 17

Opening the door on DAY 17 we have...

A collection of RORY GALLAGHER albums



Rory Gallagher

In the years that have passed since Rory Gallagher’s death, aged 47 on June 14 1995, his true stature has become ever more clear. This soft spoken Irishman, characterised by his flowing locks and trademark working man stage clothes, was far from ordinary. Gallagher was a self taught virtuoso who forged a musical revolution in his native land, shunned the traps of fame and stardom yet became a universally acclaimed international folk hero.

Rory’s rock solid devotion to his calling never wavered and the respect of his musical peers was universal. Eric Clapton credited Gallagher with "getting me back into the blues” and The Rolling Stones tried to get him to replace Mick Taylor.

Rory’s influence spread through the generations - from Slash to Johnny Marr, from U2’s The Edge to Queen’s Brian May, and onto The Manics’ James Dean Bradfield - any aspiring player who encountered him was bound to be energised or transformed.

A determination to make original music that stayed faithful to the root sounds that inspired him was carried through to the end. Unsullied by jarring studio trickery or momentarily fashionable techniques, cavernous drum sounds or click tracks, what he’s left behind is a recorded legacy defined by rugged purity of form and feeling.

Albums included in the collection are:

• Against the Grain

• Calling Card

• Photo Finish

• Top Priority

• Jinx

Vox Headphones

Music brand VOX, whose early amplifiers formed the backdrop for bands such as The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, launches its first ever headphones this Christmas. 

The amPhones – available in four colour and sound varieties – contain miniature amplifier technology which recreates the distinctive sound of legendary amps including the AC30. Guitarists can plug the headphones directly into their guitar and rock out – without annoying the rest of the house! 

Even if you’re simply listening to your favourite music, the Amphones also sound electrifying. Please go to the VOX WEBSITE for further info.


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