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Hairy Recipe: Chicken breast stuffed with cumberland sausage, sundried tomato and basil

Serves four

4 plump free range chicken breasts,

175 gms Cumberland sausage meat

150 gms Cumbrian air dried ham (Parma or other usual suspect will do)

4 halves of sun dried tomatoes

8 basil leaves

I tbs olive oil

Juice of half a lemon

Salt and black pepper to taste

500 gms potatoes grated

1/2 onion grated

50 gms melted butter

salt and black pepper to taste.

Salad to serve.


Cumbria meets Umbria. There you go, old time fusion food. Take the chicken breast and cut a pocket into it.

Skin the sausages and stuff a quarter of the meat into the pocket , then press in 2 basil leaves and a half of a sun dried tomato. Season with sea salt flakes and plack pepper.Place on a couple of pieces of air dried ham. The two sheets of ham should be placed side by side to make a sheet.

Place the stuffed chicken breast onto the edge closest to you. Drizzle some oil on top, season and give it a twist of lemon juice.

Roll the chicken in its ham blanket to form a neat roll. Place in a in tin foil parcel. Repeat till you have four lovely tucked up rolls. Seal the foil parcel shut.

Bake in a pre heated oven for about 30 minutes.

While this is happening make your rosti. combine the grated raw onion and potato, season well. Place this in a tea towel and squeeze out all the moisture. Divide the mixture into four and in a lightly oiled frying pan, pack each quarter into a lightly greased chefs ring.

Cook slowly for about ten minutes one side until golden then turn over and cook till both sides are golden.

Serve the chicken parcel on a rosti cake and use the juices as gravy.

Serve with a simple green salad on the side, with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar if you wish.


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