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Nights With Alice Cooper

Join Alice - the founder of 'shock rock' - as he re-creates a little bit of rock theatre on Planet Rock every weeknight from 9pm - 1am (and Saturdays 7-10PM), all the way from Phoenix, Arizona.

He'll play music from many of his friends and peers - the likes of Frank Zappa, Peter Frampton, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd - and interview a host of his famous friends.

Music and guests aside, Alice will continue to entertain with funny stories, trivia, bizarre news from around the world and he'll also take listeners back in time for 'This Day In Rock' to discover what happened on that particular day in rock history.

Listen out every night for Cooper's Covers, Alice's Freaky Facts and Cooper's Closet Classic! He'll also try and answer some of your emails, so if there's something you've always wanted to ask Alice, use the form below.

And Alice is happy to answer some of your questions about his career, so fill in the form below to ask yours: