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Mark's Biography

Mark Jeeves

In January 1967, the Sandy Heath TV transmitter went off air for a whole night, and on that dark evening Mark was created. Fast forward to October 1967. Pirate radio was no more, the Vietnam war was raging and Mark was born. 

Nothing significant has happened since, though in 1978, Mark's sister came home from college with a Led Zeppelin patch on her Wranglers. This started a chain of rock events that culminated in Mark joining Planet Rock.

Memorable influences included:

  • Seeing Suzi Quatro on Top Of The Pops.
  • Hearing 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' for the first time, (though his cheap record player couldn't cope with Geezer's heavy bass lines and so two 50p coins had to be attached, turning it into a lathe) 
  • Hearing AC/DC in France 
  • Discovering Rush and trying to learn the drums while playing along to YYZ 
  • Giving up the drums after trying to play along with YYZ 
  • Seeing a picture of Stacia for the first time...

Mark's first radio job was as an evening presenter at KCBC in Kettering when he was 22. After two years, he moved on to present early breakfast at Chiltern Radio in Dunstable before being appointed breakfast DJ at Northants 96, where he worked for "years and years and years."

Not fed up with early mornings, he then moved to Beacon Radio in Wolverhampton.

In November 1999, Planet Rock was born, and Mark was cheap, so he got a job, making him an "original" Planet Rock DJ.  Like Hotel California.... he'll never leave.

The End.

Hear Mark Jeeves every Saturday and Sunday morning from the ungodly hour of 5am, and hosting The Long Player every Sunday night, at the far more reasonable hour of 8pm!