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Kid\'s Killer Filler

Each week David will be shuffling through his old records to find those very special albums that may have faded into obscurity but for one or two particularly big songs.

And each week you can get your hands on a PURE HIGHWAY simply by recognising the albums.

Tune in and David will play a three song clip - all three songs will be album tracks on a record that features one or two massive tracks.

Here's an example of what we mean - David may play 'Victim of Love', 'Pretty Maids All in a Row' and 'Try and Love Again' and all you need to do is spot that the songs are all from the Eagles' Hotel California.

So to win a PURE HIGHWAY simply tell us the NAMES OF THE THREE SONGS, the ARTIST and the ALBUM NAME and you will go into a prize draw.

David will announce the previous week's winner each Sunday.

We're having some problems with competitions we're currently sorting out. Please check back later.