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Darren's Biography

Darren Redick could have been a musician – maybe even a good one. His father was a classically trained musician and his mother was a ballet dancer. As fate would have it, a divorce occurred and mum got custody.

So throughout his teenage years an odd balancing act was maintained between his bands (Temporary Arrangement, Yusckx, Planet and Nature’s Call since you asked) and ballet classes. Now you may be asking yourself "WTF?! Ballet classes!?" Let’s set the scene. As Darren puts it: "One guy and about 20 fit girls wearing very little! A teenage dream come true."

A career in dance ensued with stints at some very highly-renowned dance companies around the world. In fact, it was because of the musical 'Carousel' at the National Theatre that Darren’s friendship with Keith Emerson would emerge. Says Darren: "My wife and I met Keith at a restaurant in Camden. I was a complete nervous wreck, babbling like an idiot to Keith, but managed to invite him to come and see the show [see what I did there?] and he did!"

Shortly after the musical closed, Darren made the decision to get into radio. "I started at the tiniest station doing a 3-hour rock show; the station was called Wey Valley Radio in Alton, Hants. It was here I locked myself out of the station in the middle of my show."

Darren continued to do radio rock shows as well as regular "Britney to Whitney' shows with stops at Star FM, Thames Radio, Total Rock and a long stay at Classic Rock 94.7 The Arrow in his hometown of Washington DC before arriving at Planet Rock in 2008.

Some of the more interesting stories include a visit from Danny and Ginger of The Wildhearts which ended with the guys hosing down traffic with the radio station’s fire extinguishers and leaving poo on the walls. Producing a series of Emo’s Memos with Keith Emerson for Total Rock. Being introduced to the joys of Jaegermeister by Spock’s Beard and subsequently watching Dream Theater perform from behind their amps. Being a part of the New York welcoming committee for the arrival of The Darkness – much debauchery. And being called 'shallow' by Geddy Lee of Rush ("that hurt").

Darren plays bass and keyboards and has every intention to join a band. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Geddy will be leaving Rush any time soon.