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The Rolling Stones - Little Red Rooster

Ben Jones

The Planet Rock Connection

Ben starts the morning with the Planet Rock Connection.

Eight songs with a theme, but which one is the odd one out? Sometimes its easy, sometimes more obscure ("Songs featuring hairy drummers" being a particular favourite).

Email Ben your theories instead of doing something more constructive at work.

The Planet Rock Anorak Quiz

After 11am, show off your rock knowledge by having a crack at the Planet Rock Anorak Quiz.

60 seconds to get as many points as you can- whoever gets the most at the end of the week wins the ultimate item of cult clothing, the Planet Rock Anorak.

Listen in and Ben will let you know the number to call to try out for anorak of the week!

The official Planet Rock Anorak is now a bonefide "must have" exchanging hands for literally POUNDS on the black market

It's the ultimate proof of vast rock knowledge and years of faithful service to world of rock music.

You can't buy these "sought after" items of clothing, they are exclusive to Planet Rock and the Anorak Quiz. So to win one is the ultimate challenge and highest honour.

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