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WATCH: Dave Grohl calls his mum to complain about embarrassing diaper photo

To celebrate the release of his mum Virginia’s book this week, Dave Grohl has released a hilarious spoof video.

Featuring a foreword from Dave himself, From Cradle To Stage sees Virginia tell the backstory of her son’s upbringing and his meteoric rise to fame with Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

It also features interviews Virginia conducted with fellow mothers who have raised famous names from the music world – including the mums of Michael Stipe, Dr Dre, Mike D and Amy Winehouse.

In the truly inspired video promoting its release, an irked Dave sighs as he fingers through From Cradle To Stage before calling his mum on her number 1-666-666.

Showcasing his esteemed acting talents, Dave then proceeds to complain to Virginia saying: “Mom, it’s me. I just finished reading your book. What’s up with the picture of me in the cowboy hat and the red pants?! I have like a full diaper in that photo mom. It looks like I have pants full of mash potatoes.”

Not letting the issue go, later on in the three-minute clip, Dave continues: “The list (of participants) is great but I just feel like I’m the only one in the book with a full diaper. Wait til I write my book mom! ‘My Full Diaper’ by Dave Grohl. It might be the next Foos record ‘Full Diaper’.

Elsewhere, Dave also bemoans his mum’s “embarrassing” description of his “unscholarly and dismal report cards” and grumble about another childhood photo of him sporting a “Scott Baio haircut”, saying it’s “not conducive to my rock and roll rebel image.”

The video comes to a glorious end with a dissatisfied Dave cuddling a blanket and toy duck for comfort.

Of course, it’s not the first time Dave has showed off his acting skills in a spoof video.

Reacting to rumours in the press that Foo Fighters were splitting up, back in March 2016 Dave, Nate, Pat, Taylor and Chris released a seven-minute mockumentary style video.

Playing an egocentric, highly self-absorbed rock star, Dave chats with Butch Vig about his performance of The Beatles’ Blackbird at The Oscars before telling him he’s going to “set those (Foo Fighters) guys free” and go solo.

We then see seriously cringeworthy footage of Grohl laying down some terrible music in the studio with the legendary Nirvana producer.

Later, the other Foo Fighters members convene and consider who they’re going to replace Grohl with including Phil Collins, David Coverdale, Scott Stapp, Billy Corgan and even Justin Bieber.

Their eventual choice is Nick Lachey, formerly of 98 Degrees (dreadful boyband), who sings an acoustic version of ‘Everlong’ with Pat, Nate, Taylor and Chris.


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