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Tony Iommi to release 'bigger sounding' remix of Black Sabbath's 'Forbidden' in 2019

Tony Iommi says his remix of Black Sabbath’s 1995 album ‘Forbidden’ will see the light of day this year.

Mauled by critics upon its release 24 years ago, 'Forbidden' was produced, recorded and mixed by Body Count guitarist Ernie C and featured guest vocals from his band mate Ice-T on album opener ‘The Illusion of Power’.

Alongside Iommi, it featured Tony Martin on vocals, Neil Murray on bass and the late Geoff Nicholls and Cozy Powell on keyboards and drums respectively.

Iommi has previously revealed his intentions to remix ‘Forbidden’ and in a Facebook post over the festive period confirmed he’s currently reworking the album alongside Mike Exeter.

The metal legend said: “It's been interesting to pull that apart and at least try and get some bigger sounds on it, as it should be.

“I know Cozy was never happy with his drum sound, and none of us were really happy with the sound of that album. So hopefully now it will be sounding better."

Iommi first mentioned remixing ‘Forbidden’ back in June 2015, writing on Facebook: “Joe Siegler reminded me that June is the 20th anniversary of Forbidden. I really like the album but I was never happy with the overall sound so I’m going to remix it before it comes out again. Can’t say when, too much going on right now.”

In September of last year, he told The List: “At the moment, I'm in the process of remixing ‘Forbidden’ (which was recorded) with Tony Martin, Cozy Powell and Neil Murray. That's an album I've never been satisfied with so I'm about to start pulling that apart and remix it.”

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