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"Timid. Shy. Boring." Alice Cooper On Modern Rockers

Legend hits out against rock's new generation

Young rock bands are "afraid to be young rock bands" said shock rock legend Alice Cooper, who spoke out at the Q Magazine awards last night in London. He lamented the lyrics of modern rock songs and band's lack of theatricality in live shows, along with their "timid" fashion sense. 

"There's a lot of thrust missing from rock 'n' roll. I don't know why everyone's trying to be very sensitive. In the 70's the last thing on our minds was sensitive" stated Cooper to BANG Showbiz, who said that female artists were trumping their male counterparts in terms of stage creativity. 

''90 per cent of rock bands wear corduroy on stage, with little beards and they look like they're lumberjacks. And they sing about how much they hate oil. That's not rock n roll. They should be singing about boys and girls - that's always what it's been about. Or if they are singing about girls it's always, 'I'm so sorry I was bad.' Quit being sorry!''

Cooper's own infamous stage shows draw inspiration from cult horror film and American Vaudeville. They feature, among other items, guillotines, fake blood, electric chairs, dolls and boa constrictors. 

Alice Cooper's new "Halloween Night of Fear Tour" kicks off tomorrow night in Cardiff. 

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