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The Darkness: 2014 Album Planned

Band insist new record will be out next year.

Despite a 7-year gap between their last two albums, The Darkness have stated that they want their next offering to be out in 2014, and will begin recording when they are finished touring.

Dan Hawkins informed Billboard of his belief that it was important for the next album to be out quickly, not wishing the group to suffer another split. however, Hawkins stated that the band were now in fine form, with spats and drug use a thing of the past. They are even utilising a portable studio while on the road to get ideas flowing. 

"We've settled into a nice groove, really. We feel like more of a team than we did before. If something is broke, you've got to fix it, haven't you? And that's what we did. I think (success) went to all of our respective heads, but you've got to go there, haven't you? What's the point of being in a rock 'n' roll band if you don't take it to 11? Now the music is on 11, the gigs are on 11 but the drug intake is on, like, zero to one. That's how it should be." 

In terms of where the record will go artistically, Hawkins stated that "I think we want to get even more old school. We want to make it even more of a performance record. We just want to be really brave and try to do something as live as humanly possible, warts and all. We've lost a bit of that in music today. It's time to get a bit of character in there."

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