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The 100 Club will no longer reveal gig stage times

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Iconic London venue The 100 Club has announced it will no longer give out stage times to any gig they put on.

Tweeting the news on Monday afternoon (11th February), the famous 350-capacity Oxford Street venue explained they were introducing the policy so gig goers wouldn’t just turn up for the headline act.

In a now deleted message, they wrote: “We want to support all bands that play here and so would like people to watch the support acts too. It’s a great way to discover new music.”

The policy announcement was quickly praised by many on social media, with Twitter user Ashely Greb Photography writing: “Having "discovered" some incredible support bands whilst photographing at 100 Club, I think this is a fine decision. More venues should do likewise.”

Another likened going to concerts just for the main act as being “like turning up at half time for a football match.”

However, many criticised the move, with one person tweeting: “I like to find out stage times so that I *can* turn up for the support act.  Given I have to travel in from outside, if I don't know when they're on, there's a good chance I'll miss them.  I'm not turning up at Doors though just to hang around for 3 hours!”

Another Twitter user called Joseph wrote: “This policy is really not good for disabled people, who may rely on stage times in order to a) organise transport and b) may not be able to just hang out for the entire time. Having a disability and accessing venues is an exercise in planning, which imo (in my opinion) this policy disrupts.”

In response, The 100 Club wrote: “I’ve unwittingly started WWIII Joseph and it’s difficult to engage. We’re taking on board what people are saying and will make a further statement later this week. You and anyone with health issues will not be adversely affected.”

The venue added this morning: “We didn’t expect such a reaction to the statement made about no longer announcing stage times. Though there’s been a lot of support for it, it’s made other people feel angry and concerned. The sole intention was to support the supports. Nothing else. Middle ground will be sought.”

Originally called the Feldman Swing Club before it was renamed in 1964, The 100 Club has been hosting concerts for 77 years.

Acts including The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, The Who, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Eric Clapton and The Kinks have played the venue over the decades.  

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