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Steve Howe opens up about the possibility of a classic Yes reunion

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Steve Howe has answered the burning question about whether the 'classic' members of Yes will reunite.

Last month Jon Anderson confirmed he will be performing with Yes at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inauguration this Friday (7th April) prompting many to speculate whether this will pave the way for a tour.

Now, in a Facebook Q&A session, Steve Howe refused to rule out the possibility of a reunion, but admitted it was highly unlikely: “This topic has gone round the houses a little bit.

“Before we can take on board ideas, there has to be a good line of communication. And as far as I understand ARW (Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman) aren’t really interested in doing this and we’re most probably not really interested in doing this either.

“Now that sounds like a big shut down, but in another way, one’s gotta understand that things aren’t always what they appear. Reinventing the ‘Union Tour’ is not really a concept that anyone from either of the lineups of YES or ARW have endorsed.

“So basically, I would say, it’s not foreseeable. I think there’s ways that we can celebrate YES’s 50th year and most probably they want to as well. I think the complexity is unmeasurable by the fans. Those things aren’t easy. It’s not any one person that’s particularly making it difficult, but people can make it difficult and then it’s gotta be done in the right spirit. I’d say don’t hold your breath.”

Steve also noted that he was contented with the current Yes line-up of himself, Alan White, Geoff Downes, Billy Sherwood and Jon Davison.

“Over the years we’ve seen all these changes,” Steve said. “People come and go – different members, different tour managers and different technicians.

“At the moment we’ve really hit a nice spot. There’s a balance in the band and as you said: the chemistry. There’s a friendliness. There’s a warmth to it. And there’s a contentment as well, because if people aren’t satisfied all the time, obviously, you have to get that margin right very, very high to get us satisfied. And somehow the idea of doing all the homework before the tour is great.”

Reflecting upon Yes’ Hall of Fame induction, Steve said: “I think this is really for the fans just as much as it is for us. This is an acknowledgement really, and it’s very nice.

“It’s a shame it’s taken so long. But we’re not the first band to suffer at the slowness of the realisation, that a band past the 20 year mark has gone on to do marvellous things, so of course we’re quite pleased too. And I think the evening will be full of surprises.”

Yes will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alongside Pearl Jam, Journey, Electric Light Orchestra, Joan Baez and Tupac Shakur.

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