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Sebastian Bach Charges Dropped

The former Skid Row singer won\'t be prosecuted for 2010 incident

Classic Rock Magazine reports that the singer was arrested in November last year after an altercation in a bar in Peterborough, Ontaria, during which he was alleged to have bitten the hand of a bartender trying to throw him out and thrown a wine glass. He was apparently charged with assault, possession of marijuana and mischief.

However, all of these charges have now been dropped after prosecutors did not believe that there was enough evidence achieve a conviction.

Bach has, however, donated $700 to a local charity for breaking the glass.

Bach is no stranger to the law, having been convicted of assault and battery in 1989 and serving three years probation in the process. He was also arrested in 2002 after a bar fight and then again earlier this year after being caught with marijuana. However, in a recent interview he told Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited that he doesn't think he gets into an unusual amount of trouble. "Everything I do is in public," Bach pointed out. "If your friend that’s a plumber gets in a fight in a bar then it is not going to be in the newspaper. If I get in a fight in a bar then it is in the newspaper and all over the Internet.

"I don’t think I’ve f**ked up any more than any 43-year-old dunderheaded dude tripping around the USA, but everything I do is in public."

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