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Sammy Hagar Paperback To Add A Chapter

His life story just got a little bigger

Blabbermouth reports that the paperback edition of the book will contain an extra chapter which will address some of the after-effects of releasing his life story earlier this year.

Hagar explains: 

"I just finished another chapter for it, because it's coming out in paperback and I didn't wanna just release the same book again. And since that book came out and it went No. 1, it did a lot - it really changed things within me and with people around me. And some of my closer friends kind of had a weird response to the book and some people that I really didn't know - people that were almost, like... I don't wanna say 'enemies,' but people in the industry that maybe didn't respect me or give me any love or the time of day over the years - came in and said, 'Wow, I had no idea. Man, I have a whole different opinion of you.' So I wrote a new chapter about that; I just did it yesterday and it will be in the paperback. [It's] just about how being a rock star my whole life and then having a No. 1-selling book had a profound influence on my stature, as a human on this planet.
"There's only been two rock books, I guess, in history - Keith Richards and myself - that went to No. 1, so it got a lot of people's attention. I get a lot of phone calls through my agency or through my management, 'What do you wanna do next? We wanna be involved?' [Laughs] I used to go around knocking on doors. 'Hey, I wanna do this.' Now it's like, 'Hey, you wanna make a movie?', 'Hey, you wanna be in a TV show?' 'You wanna do this? 'You wanna do that?' It's interesting."

The paperback edition is due to be published in the UK in April 2012.

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