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Roger Waters Weighs In On Falklands Debate

The Pink Floyd bassist says that the island should be Argentinian

Waters was speaking on a Chilean TV show when he was asked about the current situation in the Falklands.

"I am as ashamed as I possibly could be of our colonial past," Waters is reported to have said to TVN journalist Amaro Gómez-Pablos. When asked if the islands are British or Argentinian, Waters reportedly replied: "I think they should be Argentinian."

He was a little more careful with his words at a separate press conference a little while later, saying  "Clearly there needs to be a solution to the problem of the varying claims [to the islands] – the claims are so convoluted and so old, going back as they do to the 17th century. It's not a simple situation."

And he also acknowledged the island's current residents, saying "The Falkland Islanders are British ... so they have a point of view."

Waters directly addressed the 1980s Falklands crisis on the Pink Floyd album The Final Cut, with the song 'The Post War Dream' ending with the line 'Oh Maggie Maggie what have we done', which was a reference to the Falklands War.

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