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Rich Robinson discusses the chances of a Black Crowes reunion

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Three years on from their acrimonious split, Rich Robinson has spoken about the possibility of The Black Crowes getting back together.

Comparing his ongoing feud with older brother Chris to the infamous bitter fallout between Ray and Dave Davies, Rich told Rolling Stone he’s “happy” to stay away from performing with his sibling.

"I kind of feel like it's in the Kinks realm where it's just done," Rich said. "I'm really happy not to play with him.

“I don't think it's healthy for anyone to be around that (bad atmosphere). If he's truly happy playing CRB (Chris Robinson Brotherhood) songs and that it's silly to play Black Crowes songs until he's ready to do it, then it's great. So be it."

Now fronting the 10-strong collective The Magpie Salute, which also features the Black Crowes’ Marc Ford and Sven Pipien, Rich said: "I see this group as my main outlet now.

"I share such a strong musical connection with these people. Marc Ford and I have this thing and it's something you can't put your finger on and understand, but he and I just go to these places when we play together. The older I get, the more I realise how important that is."

The Magpie Salute

Rich also spoke about his estranged brother dubbing The Magpie Salute a “Black Crowes tribute band” in an interview with US DJ Howard Stern.

“He has a tendency to run his mouth," says Rich. "And actions speak louder than words. So now he's in a Black Crowes tribute band."

Alongside Chris allegedly “pretending to be this peace-loving hippie that doesn't care about money, while trying to take everyone's money", Rich said that his brother also tried to downplay his role in The Black Crowes.

"For a long time he's tried to diminish what I've done in the band," Rich added to Rolling Stone. "Chris wrote the lyrics and I wrote all of the music and arranged the songs. He's kind of hinted that that wasn't the case and him saying I'm in a Black Crowes tribute band is him trying to diminish the fact that those are my songs and I'm out there playing my songs with the guys that actually played on those records.

“That being said, I wish Chris well. Ultimately, I love him. He's incredibly talented and a great singer. I wish him well. I'm really more excited about what I'm doing now and moving forward and making this great record and getting out there just exploring music with the people that I admire and want to play with."

Formed in late 2016, The Magpie Salute played four ultra-intimate, sold-out shows at Under the Bridge in London last April and played over 60 gigs Stateside last year alone.  

The band are hard at work on their debut LP, which is tentatively set for release this year.

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