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Watch: Is Rammstein's new stadium show the biggest pyro production ever?

Rammstein's new pyro production © Rammstein/Instagram

Ahead of their sold-out Milton Keynes Stadium show in July, Planet Rock takes a look at Rammstein's astonishing new pyro production.

Ever since their inception in Berlin a quarter of a century ago, Rammstein have been synonymous with truly explosive live shows and innovative, unparalleled pyrotechnics that leave your jaw agape. 

Taking their name from the deadly 1988 Ramstein air show disaster, over the years Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann has suffered multiple burns to his body at live shows in the name of his beloved fire-fuelled art. 

Following an incident at Berlin Arena in 1996 when burning parts fell to the stage, Lindemann later trained as a licensed pyrotechnician and each subsequent Rammstein tour has upped the ante in terms of pyrotechnics. 

The industrial metallers’ Made in Germany UK tour in 2012 - and two subsequent headline appearances at Download Festival - was a mind-blowing audio-visual spectacular featuring fiery angel wings, enough pyrotechnics to singe the audience’s eyebrows and a deranged part where Lindemann, dressed as a deranged butcher, shot a flamethrower at keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz in a cauldron. 

If you thought the Made In Germany tour saw Rammstein reach their pyro-peak, the band have truly excelled themselves with their mind-blowing European stadium tour. 

Their stage setup is like a hellish inferno cathedral with multi-layers of flames blasting into the sky in tandem, and four further giant pillars at the back of the stadium also erupting. 

Even in stark daylight, it’s an astonishing spectacle: 

Rammstein don't muck around when it comes to a show

Posted by All About The Rock on Monday, June 17, 2019

And here is an aerial view:


Photo/Video: @jenskochphoto

A post shared by Rammstein (@rammsteinofficial) on

In fact, there’s so much pyro that from outside the stadium you would be forgiven for thinking the entire city was ablaze. Here is a photo from Dresden city centre during Rammstein’s gig in the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion on Wednesday 12th June:

© PA Images

As these two posts show, staggeringly the flames leap up into the sky far beyond the height of the stadium:

Here's 'Sonne' from that very same show:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Rammstein show with Till Lindemann’s beloved props and for this tour he sports a new pyro-backpack that blasts out nine gigantic flames during 'Mein Herz Brennt':

The mad butcher segment where Lindemann blasts Flake with his flamethrower during 'Mein Teil' has been joyfully retained - but this time with even bigger weapons! Skip to the 35-minute mark below:

It also wouldn't be a Rammstein show without the fireworks pyro firing across the stadium during 'Du Hast':

During 'Puppe' (German for 'doll'), Lindemann wheels a giant pram on stage and it's set alight with a screaming doll inside. Dark stuff:

Watch a multi-cam version of Puppe, with the flaming pram here:

Here are some official photos Rammstein shared from the opening European stadium show in Gelsenkirchen at the end of May:


Thanks to Gelsenkirchen for a phenomenal start to the tour! ¡Vamos a Barcelona! Photos: @jenskochphoto

A post shared by Rammstein (@rammsteinofficial) on

Another shot of the stage from the back of the stadium:

Rammstein’s European stadium tour hits Milton Keynes Stadium on Saturday 6th July. Completely and utterly sold out, fans with tickets are in for the show of their lives!

Rammstein’s setlist on the European tour is as follows:

1) Was ich liebe
2) Links 2-3-4
3) Tattoo
4) Sehnsucht
5) Zeig dich
6) Mein Herz brennt
7) Puppe
8) Heirate mich
9) Diamant
10) Deutschland (Remix by Richard Z. Kruspe)
11) Deutschland
12) Radio
13) Mein Teil
14) Du hast
15) Sonne
16) Ohne dich

17) Engel (Scala & Kolacny Brothers version)

19) Du riechst so gut
20) Pussy

Encore 2:
21) Rammstein
22) Ich will

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