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Queen's Roger Taylor Re-releases Murdoch Single

1994 anti-Rupert Murdoch song has been revamped

'Dear Mr Murdoch' first appeared on Taylor's Happiness solo album, but the new version has been subtly updated in light of recent events.

Taylor has a long history of anti-Murdoch activity, when in 1998 he funded a successful protest by Manchester United fans against the potential takeover of their club.

Dear Mr Murdoch is re-released on iTunes later this week.

Here's the lyrics for the 2011 version of the song:

Dear Mr. Murdoch, what have you done
With your news of the screws and your soaraway sun?
You sharpen our hatred
You've blunted our minds
We're drowning in nipples and bingo and sex crimes

How many time must they poke and they pry
Must they twist and lie?
Just to add to the grime they even screwed up the times
Love to kick their arse goodbye oh wouldn't i!

Dear Mr. Murdoch you play hard to see
But with your bare-arsed cheek you should be on page three
And dear Mr. Murdoch you're really the pits
Bad news is good business, you're the king of the tits

They stain all they touch, they're real woman haters
But we're on their trail
They go straight for the lowest common denominators
How could they fail? go straight to jail - (no bail)!

Dear Mr. Murdoch you're a powerful man
You control half our media whose lifeblood is scam
And dear Mr. Murdoch we're not so amused
Just line up the people whose lives they've abused

And dear Mr. Murdoch you come down from on high
You even bought up the air waves, you control all our sky

Dear Mr. Murdoch where are you coming from?
Getting so hard to tell if you're a yank, oz or pom
Dear Mr. Murdoch you're really the pits
Bad news is good business, you're the king of the tits

Listen to the song here:

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