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Ozzy Osbourne buys truckload of ice to keep cool during heatwave

Ozzy with his ice © Sharon Osbourne/Instagram

With California basking in a scorching heatwave this month, Ozzy Osbourne went to extreme measures to keep cool.

According to Ozzy’s wife and manager Sharon, the Black Sabbath legend had the “brilliant” idea to purchase an entire truckload of ice and dump it in the family swimming pool.

Unfortunately for The Prince of Darkness, with temperatures exceeding 100°F (38°C) dumping 3000 lbs (1.4 tonnes) of ice had little effect and only lowered the pool temperature by 3 degrees.

Sharing a photo of Ozzy on social media, Sharon wrote: "Ozzy's brilliant idea to cool the pool during last week's heatwave. 3000 lbs of ice = 3 degrees cooler."

Sharon went on to talk about Ozzy’s failed attempts at keeping cool on her daytime chat show The Talk on Wednesday (18th July).

"When Ozzy went into the pool, there was no heater on, (but) it was boiling hot, and it was boiling hot outside," she said. "He goes, 'I can't take this, I need it to be cold.' So he came up with this idea of putting the ice in..."

"It did nothing...!" she exclaimed. "Three degrees lower and Ozzy goes, 'All right, we just gotta get more,' and I'm like, 'No, it doesn't work!'"

Revealing that Ozzy wanted to buy more ice, Sharon said: "I wouldn't let him! These poor guys bringing this ice!"

She added: "Ozzy likes to work out, then jump into a cold pool. That's what he likes. And it was, like, you can't do it. So now, we're having a cool thing put on the pool to make the water icy cold."

Last week, Sharon told Variety that she’s working on a movie about her early days of courtship with Ozzy. 

She said: "It starts the day we meet and will focus on how our lives were totally different but very similar in ways: I was brought up by a powerful, successful father (Black Sabbath, ELO and Small Faces manager Don Arden) and Ozzy was brought up extremely poor and somewhat abused.”

The drama is currently in the scripting phase and Sharon insists it won’t focus too much on rock and roll debauchery.

"It's definitely going to be a tearjerker,” Sharon explained. “It's not going to be a sex-and-drugs movie at all. Ozzy is so much more than that. I would hate to be a cliché."

Ozzy Osbourne headlined Download Festival last month.

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