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New Def Leppard May Take Some Time

Phil Collen says that they have no plans to record an album for a while

In a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock guitarist Collen was asked whether the band had any plans to work on a new album.

"No, there's not and I'll tell you why: We actually did three new songs, three studio songs for [the live album] 'Mirrorball', which was great," he replied. "I really believe in this day and age unless you're going to do an album like [MANRAZE's] 'PunkFunkRootsRock', which we did in less than two weeks; I don't think there's much point in doing an album because it's such a quick turnaround, you have a song and then it's gone.

"For us to do an album, it'd take at least eight months unless we were doing it on tour. What I think is going to happen — I've already started writing some of the songs — [is that] we release two or three at a time or something like that it's kind of more like an EP or something attached to another project but a full-blown album would just take us away for too long and by the rate everything is going by the time we finish the album and we go, 'Okay, here it is,' there's no more recording industry left. I think you have to be careful with it, we've got some great ideas, I've got this killer song that's totally DEF LEPPARD, it's not totally finished yet but I'm looking forward to getting that on the go as well. I think we'll be doing it in dribs and drabs. I think there will be an album that comes out of something while we've been recording three songs at a time or all at once. That'll be a bit later. I think for the very near future it'd be one or two songs attached to something else."

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