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Maiden Will Make At Least One More Album

The band say that they\'re not done yet

Blabbermouth reports that in an interview with the Daily Star Bruce Dickinson revealed that the band will make "at least one more album" to follow last year's acclaimed The Final Frontier.

Dickinson revealed that the band members often struggle during the songwriting process, explaining: "We try to keep things on an even keel. Being English, we still have some reserve when we're communicating ideas to each other. If we hugged each other we'd have to go straight into rehab

"[In the old days] we'd have a stand-up knock-down fight about anything. But we know each other better now and people do mellow."

He added, "[When it's time to write an album] we go off on our own, scribble ideas into our notebooks and come back to throw everything into the melting pot.

"We know the boundaries of what we can do musically.

"We're not the kind of band who could say, 'Hey, let's do an album with Kanye West,' because that wouldn’t interest Maiden fans at all.

"Things have been going a bit more prog-rock on our recent albums and the fans seem to love that."

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