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Jon Anderson Gives His Verdict On New Yes LP

The former frontman doesn\'t think much of their new album

Yes released new album Fly From Here on Monday and the band's former frontman Jon Anderson has given his opinion on the record.

"I wasn't really convinced," he tells Rolling Stone. "The new singer is singing good, but it sounded a bit dated to me. Also, the production wasn't as good as I expected. They've got a great producer with Trevor Horn, so what the hell are you doing?"

In the interview Jon also revealed that he and fellow Yes exile Rick Wakeman will be heading to the US to play some shows towards the end of the year.

"We're bringing it to the East Coast around the middle of October through the middle of November," he says. "We'll do Yes songs, but we'll concentrate more on the new album. I sing more doing these shows than I ever did with Yes. I don't have to say, 'Turn down the bass, Chris!'"

Anderson keeps a much lighter tour schedule than Yes, who often do five or six shows a week. "I would never do that kind of tour," says Anderson. "It's stupid. Some people haven't got a life I suppose. They want to be on the road all the time." Guitarist Steve Howe performs with ASIA when Yes are off, which means maintaining a punishing schedule. "He hasn't got a home," says Anderson. "He's a journeyman, like Willie Nelson."

Despite all the turmoil, Anderson doesn't completely rule performing with Yes again someday. "If we ever get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame we'll all get together," he says. "We'll give each other a hug and let bygones be bygones." How about a reunion tour? "You never know," he says. "It would have to be two or three shows a week, though."

(Rolling Stone)

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