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John Fogerty Warming To Creedence Reunion

He\'s no longer angry at his former bandmates

In a new interview with Rolling Stone Fogerty was asked whether he would consider working with Doug Clifford and Stu Cook again.

"Ummmm, yeah. Somebody asked me this recently and I was surprised at my answer. I didn't know the question was coming so I hadn't fallen into my familiar mindset and emotions. I realized that it had been a long time. I'd lost so much of my anger from those times. I have a really wonderful life now. It all kind of begins with my beautiful wife Julie. We've raised a wonderful family. We still have one child at home, but two of the older ones are off at college. In some ways, I kind of just scratch my head and go, "Wow, look at all that happened!" I've had a happy life of looking forward to family things and and looking forward to artistic things. I haven't really had time to sit around and wonder and ponder the past. If you feel good and you get busy, especially if you're in love, your heart heals. You're not carrying a bunch of baggage.

"I don't know what stars would have to line up for that to happen . . . but I realize I didn't have an automatic reaction to the idea simply because I haven't really wasted mental energy being angry for quite some time."

And if they were to phone him up and asked him if he wanted to work with them again? "I'm saying it's possible, yeah. I think the call [laughs] would maybe have to come from outside the realm. Somebody would have to get me to look at things in a fresh way."

Fogerty is due to play Creedence's Cosmo's Factory and Green River albums in their entirety at his solo shows in New York and Atlantic City in November, which is remarkable considering that for many years after Creedence split he refused to play any of their material in his sets.

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