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Joe Walsh Wraps Up Album Recording

Analog Man is done, and it will be with us in a few months

The album is Walsh's first in 20 years and he's planning to release it in May or June.

Ultimate Classic Rock reports that the title of the album is a statement on the current state of recorded music.

"Back when it was all analog, we used to go in the studio, and studios had knobs," Walsh says. "We used to turn knobs and say, ‘let’s see what this does.’ Now, we have a mouse. We [the members of the Eagles] spend hours yelling at our computers. My son comes in and he says, ‘Dad, you’re really stupid.’"

Last year he revealed the story behind the new album title "I know in the past, I’ve had screwy album titles, but I decided to call it ‘Analog Man.’ Because, you know, my generation of musicians, we grew up analog, and now it’s a digital world. We had to learn it, you know? Everything’s totally different. There’s no record companies — who knew that would happen? They were so powerful when I was young!”

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