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Joe Elliott Takes Aim At "Idiot" Fan

Fan accused Def Lep of being frauds in the wake of Joe\'s father\'s death

In a new interview with Joe revealed that he had received an email from a fan that bemoaned the fact that they had played the same set each night for their first four nights back on the road after Joe's father had died.

"The guy accused me of being a fraud because these first four gigs back after the break we played exactly the same set. And I wasn't going to say to the guy, "Well you know, my father just passed away, let's just keep it simple for the first week and then we can get into experiments." He's writing this as if every single person comes to every gig. The only people that know are the ones that go online and look at the set list.

"So he's a f---ing idiot. And I don't mind saying that out loud and please print this. When somebody like him turns around and says that 'Love Bites' is just a "beer break," I'm like, "Wow, you're a moron, so don't bother coming back to any of our shows. We don't want people like you in our audience."

"We have to play for the majority. If we don't play 'Photograph' and 'Sugar,' we won't get out the building alive. And that pays our wages. Not these idiots who sit in their mother's basement eating Doritos and playing Dungeons and Dragons all day. I'm not interested in those kind of people."

In the interview, which you can read HERE, Joe also explained how his band don't care about their perceived lack of critical acclaim.

"We gave up on critical reviews years ago when we realized we weren't Roxy Music and we were never going to get any. We're the kind of band that the critics don't like. You're never going to find someone wearing a Def Leppard shirt walking confidently into the office space of Rolling Stone. We're not that kind of band that are gonna be critically acclaimed by anybody. And we don't care. We write songs essentially for ourselves and hope that our audience likes them, too. But the audience is the most important thing because without one you've got no band. You can live with bad reviews. I grew up in an era when Queen never got a good one, ever. And they were the biggest band on the planet for a while."

As well as being the frontman of one of the biggest British bands in history, Joe celebrates one year as a Planet Rock DJ on Saturday, so be sure to tune in at 6pm to hear this landmark show.

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