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Jimmy Page: 'You’ll definitely be getting stuff from me in 2019'

Jimmy Page in October 2018 © REX/Shutterstock

Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page says he can “guarantee” fans will be “getting stuff” from him in 2019.

The guitarist recently spoke to Mark Goodman of SiriusXM Volume's ‘Debatable’ to promote Led Zeppelin’s official illustrated book ‘Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin’ when he was asked if he has any extended Led Zeppelin 50th anniversary activity up his sleeve in 2019.

Non-committal in his response, Jimmy said: "I've always got things in mind, and I always think of things as a schedule of releases over a period of time.

“I've never been, actually, any different. And, obviously, I would have ideas of things or projects which could go ahead, but, you know, it all takes time. So, at the moment, we've got this book out, so that's really brilliant. And who knows what may come further on down the line? I can't really say at this point."

Pushed about possibility of new music from him in the new year, Jimmy said: "Ah, well now that's a different story. Yes, you'll definitely be getting stuff from Jimmy Page, I can guarantee that."

Jimmy Page has spoken of solo material numerous times over recent years and it has never materialised.

Speaking to Planet Rock in September 2016, Jimmy joked he’s been “quite rightly” chastised for not releasing fresh material sooner and said he hoped to release new music in 2017.

“The BBC Sessions (The Complete BBC Sessions, re-released in 2016) was an epic, when you think everything has to be listened to in real time and all of that,” Jimmy told Phil Alexander at the time.

“It’s an epic but it’s an epic I was really prepared to take on because historically it was really important for people to have all that information about what was going on in the studio at that point of time.

“It took a lot of time and I must say that I hoped by this time (September 2016) that I would be sort of playing with other musicians. I’ve said that to you before but I still hope to do that. Clearly now it’s not going to materialise until next year. That’s not that far away now!”

Jimmy announced in October he’s collaborated with Fender to recreate his fabled 1959 Fender Telecaster.

Set to be officially unveiled in January, Fender will release four artist signature guitar models throughout next year, giving fans and collectors the chance to own a slice of music history.

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