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Graham Nash Writing Memoir

Nash has just signed a publishing deal for his life story

Rolling Stone Reports that Nash has struck a deal with Random House's Crown Archetype after meeting with several publishing houses.

"They were all more than kind to me," he said, laughing. "But it was the people at Crown and Random House who gave me over seven figures."

Nash plans to start his tale with his childhood in Salford, England, and will be totally open about his life and career. "I've been as honest as I can be. If they asked me a question about drugs, I answered them," he says of his meetings with the publishers. "You ask me a question, you’re going to get an answer. Whether you like the answer or not is your problem, but you’ll get an answer."

The untitled memoir is set for a winter 2013 release. "I’ve had an incredible ringside seat to the last 50-odd years of rock & roll," said Nash. "I think people will be very interested to know what the British Invasion was like, what Woodstock was like, what my friends are like, what trouble we got into, what heights we scaled. I think they'll be interested in all of it."

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