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GNR Guitarist Survives Massive Car Wreck

Bumblefoot escapes pile-up relatively uninjured

The guitarist revealed via Twitter on Wednesday that he had been hit by an SUV which propelled his car into two other oncoming cars.

"SUV just ploughed into me at full speed," he wrote. "My car is totalled and two other cars she smashed me into. I'm well enough to tweet, which means I'm not dead yet."

"Thank you @Toyota for the functional seat belt, air bags & crumple zone, you saved my skull.... " he continued. "24 hrs dealing with car rental, insurance & collision folks, lease & bank, police, as the injuries begin to reveal themselves..."

He went on to reveal that he had sustained a neck injury and that playing guitar was a little difficult. However, he did joke "O please, I'm in GNf'nR - this is all like a walk in the park, lol! B'doom CHA! (That was a joke btw... tapping mic... 'this thing on?')"

(Bumblefoot On Twitter)

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