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Europe Explain Download No-Show

The band got stuck in Sweden

Many fans were left disappointed when Europe failed to show for their Friday afternoon second stage slot, cancelling their set at the last minute.

Drummer Ian Haugland has now issued the following update, explianing what happened:

"What a bummer at Download. We were forced to cancel the show due to the fucked up weather... We had a bad start already in the morning when the flight was two hours delayed from [Stockholm, Sweden's] Arlanda due to hurricane winds at Heathrow.

"When we got to Heathrow, we had a tourbus that picked us up to drive us to the festival. But because of the delayed flight, we manged to catch Friday traffic from London... I've never been in a worse traffic jam ever! The traffic jams I've been in in Tokyo (that are relly bad) felt like open highway. The trip that was plannd to take two hours took close to four hours!!! 

"When we finally approached the festival site, our crew, in a last desperate act to try and make the show, left the bus and started running across the muddy fields towards the festival area. They made it there and started putting up our stuff, but since we were still trapped in the traffic, it was too late!

"It felt really shitty when we got there... so close but so far away.

"We feel really bad for all the fans that came to se us, but what can you do when the weather gods are in a shitty mood!? We managed to some interviews, though, and the festival promotors didn't blame us, so hopefully we can come back another year.

"Once again... Sorry to all you guys the went through mud and rain to see us at Download! Bummer."

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