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Eddie Vedder Releases New Video

Pearl Jam frontman releases music video from solo album 'Ukulele Songs'

During a surfing holiday in Hawaii, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder began a new love affair...with a ukulele.

After picking up the instrument at a drugstore he started playing it outside, where passers-by began throwing coins into the instrument's case.

Last year Vedder released a solo album simply entitled "Ukulele Songs" in celebration of his new-found passion, from which he has now released his first video. The song is entitled "Sleeping By Myself" and the video, which can be viewed below, depicts a ukulele being made.

Vedder told the Seattle Times last year that "as far as inanimate objects being friends goes, I think it's right on the list." He also described the instrument as a "work of art" and one that will "live long after me."

"It was immediate gratification that maybe I could go places with this thing. This little four stringed songwriting tool started changing the way I brought songs to Pearl Jam."

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