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Dennis DeYoung Wants A Styx Reunion

Despite his former bandmates saying otherwise

Former Styx vocalist DeYoung spoke to Rolling Stone recently about the possibility of a reunion with the band he helped form in 1970, and he says that he would be more than open to the idea.

When asked whether he would go back to the band he said: "What I've said since day one is the same thing I say today. It hasn't changed... I gave that band my life."

The singer's proclamations are most certainly at odds with fellow founding member Tommy Shaw who recently told Rolling Stone: "I don't think [a reunion] is realistic. We tried it in 1996 and we realized what was true in 1983 was only more true in 1996. We'd just gone our separate ways. Rather than having a positive effect on each other, we have a very negative effect on each other. You only live once and you should be happy."

And when asked whether there was any chance at all for a reunion he said "We already did it. In retrospect, we weren't even happy working with each other in our heyday. We're just different people with different desires and different vision of how things should be. God, it was such an unhappy place. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We're crazy, but we're not insane."

When Rolling Stone quoted Shaw to DeYoung he said

"I don't know what he's talking about. Look, nobody is a bigger fan of Tommy Shaw than me. The day I met him in 1975 I knew he was going to be a great guitar player, performer and songwriter. I was his biggest fan, and I'm Styx's number one fan. Now am I going to sit here and tell you that it was a bed of roses? Bite me, Andy (Greene, RS journo). Bite me. Because I want you to walk out of that little office of yours and talk to three or four of our colleagues and see how much you guys agree on."

You can read the full (and pretty frank) interview HERE

(Rolling Stone)

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