Alice Vs Mumford & Sons

Alice Cooper fires back at folk band.

Alice Cooper fired back at Mumford & Sons on Wednesday after the folk group suggested that Alice might be ‘past it’.


In an interview with Fuse Television Network, Alice was asked about the state of popular/rock music, to which he responded by saying the music scene is going through a folk phase. He added that there’s nothing wrong with that, but just don’t call it rock and roll. Cooper said: ''Mumford & Sons are great at what they do but it's not rock'n'roll, don't call it rock'n'roll. That's an offence to rock'n'roll.''

When word reached the Mumfords, their retort was sharp, if a bit bemused. "I don't think we have an ambition to be rock and roll; we're just playing music," lead singer Marcus Mumford says. "But I didn't know that rock and roll had rules. That's ironic to me. When you start setting rules for rock, you've passed it, haven't you?"


On Wednesday, Alice Cooper appeared as a guest with Darren Redick on Planet Rock radio, where he was offered Mumford and Sons’ response to his initial remarks. When it was suggested that Cooper’s appearance at the folk-infused festival, Cropredy, could be viewed another exchange back at the Mumfords, Alice laughed and said: ‘Yes! Alice Cooper is playing the folk festival just to show he’s not past it!’

Alice Cooper can be heard weekday nights on Planet Rock. Perhaps we haven’t heard the last of this. Over to you, Mumford & Sons.

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