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Aerosmith contemplating swansong 2017 tour before calling it quits

Steven Tyler says the rockers are reconvening for a final hurrah next year.

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler says the band are hoping to reconvene and hit the road in 2017 for the very last time.

Currently on a brief hiatus, Tyler is focusing on his solo country career for much of this year but says he and Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer have plans to get back together for what’s likely to be a final hurrah.

"I'm doing 30 shows from May until August and then in 2017 we go out with Aerosmith,” Tyler told Rolling Stone.

"We're probably doing a farewell tour. Look, there's two bands that still have the original members, us and the Stones. I'm grateful for that. Whether we do a farewell tour or go into the studio and do another record, I'm just excited about it."

Tyler’s comments mirror a Brad Whitford interview from late 2015 where he told Eddie Trunk’s podcast: "We are actually talking about that - about actually putting together a sort of wind-down tour which we would call the Farewell.

"I guess it's just because of our age. You know, something's gonna happen. It's just inevitable that somebody's not gonna be able to do it anymore. So it would be very nice to take a nice long bow and say thank you and ... put it to bed kind of gracefully."

Aerosmith’s last live show was in Moscow on 5th September 2015 and they haven’t performed in the UK since Calling Festival in the summer of 2014.

Tyler recently buried the hatchet with Joe Perry after the guitarist poked fun at his band mate’s music.

"If I didn't know him when I heard the song I'd go, 'It's okay, next,'" Perry controversially told USA Today. "He's got a f***ing rhinestone cowboy hat going, 'Yippee ki yay.' I don't know what else to say about that."

Initially blasting Perry as “jealous”, Tyler added: "I've read what Joe has said but then I really, really, couldn't be here doing what I'm doing now if it wasn't for Joe Perry.

“It's a strange Catch-22, but if you slow down enough you get to see it. It's a obvious as balls on a tall dog. I wouldn't be anywhere without those guys, so I'm as grateful as I can be."

Tyler’s solo country album is set for release later this year.

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