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What Is The Greatest EVER Rock Song?

Here's a very simple, very basic, no-brainer little question for you. It's so simple, in fact, that we're a bit embarrassed to ask but here we go anyway...

What's the greatest ever rock song?

See, it's dead easy, right... naming the single greatest rock song of all time? The one song that is better and more important than all others. You probably don't even have to think about it right?

If you take part in this month's poll then we will put you into a prize draw for a rather impressive PURE EVOKE 1-S MARSHALL DIGITAL RADIO, not unlike the beauty over on the right

Darren Redick will be revealing the results of the poll in a grand countdown on Bank Holiday Monday (27 August), revealing once and for all which rock song can rightfully be called "The Greatest".

All you need to do is name the artist and the song in the form below and then fill in the details to go into a prize draw.

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