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Planet Rock\'s Definitive Albums

In 2006 we gave you a list of 50 artists and asked you to name their definitive albums

Here are the results

Band: AC/DC  

Definitive: Back In Black

Band: Aerosmith  

Definitive: Pump

Band: Alice Cooper  

Definitive: Billion Dollar Babies

Band: Bad Co.

Definitive: Bad Company

Band: Black Crowes

Definitive: Southern Harmony & Musical Companion

Band: Black Sabbath

Definitive: Paranoid

Band:  Cream

Definitive: Disraeli Gears

Band: Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Definitive: Deja Vu

Band: David Bowie

Definitive: Ziggy Stardust

Band: Deep Purple

Definitive: Made In Japan

Band: ELP

Definitive: Brain Salad Surgery

Band: Eric Clapton

Definitive: 461 Ocean Boulevard

Band: Frank Zappa

Definitive: Hot Rats

Band: Genesis

Definitive: Selling England By The Pound

Band: Guns n' Roses

Definitive: Appetite For Destruction

Band: Hawkwind

Definitive: In Search of Space

Band: Iron Maiden

Definitive: Number Of The Beast

Band: Jeff Beck

Definitive: Truth

Band: Jethro Tull

Definitive: Aqualung

Band: Jimi Hendrix

Definitive: Electric Ladyland

Band: Judas Priest

Definitive: British Steel

Band: King Crimson

Definitive: In The Court Of The Crimson King

Band: Kiss

Definitive: Destroyer

Band: Led Zeppelin

Definitive: Physical Graffitti

Band: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Definitive: Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd

Band: Marillion

Definitive: script For A Jester's Tear

Band: Metallica

Definitive: Justice For All

Band: Motorhead

Definitive: Ace Of Spades

Band: Pink Floyd

Definitive: The Dark Side Of The Moon

Band: Queen

Definitive: Night At The Opera

Band: Rainbow

Definitive: Rising

Band: Robin Trower

Definitive: Bridge Of Sighs

Band: Rolling Stones

Definitive: Exile On Main Street

Band: Rush

Definitive: 2112

Band: Saxon 

Definitive: Wheels Of Steel

Band: Status Quo 

Definitive: Piledriver

Band: Supertramp

Definitive: Crime Of The Century

Band: The Cult

Definitive: Love

Band: The Doors

Definitive: LA Woman

Band: The Eagles

Definitive: Hotel California

Band: The Who

Definitive: Who's Next

Band: Thin Lizzy

Definitive: Live & Dangerous


Band: U2

Definitive: Joshua Tree


Band: UFO

Definitive: Strangers In The Night


Band: Van Halen

Definitive: Van Halen


Band: Whitesnake

Definitive: Ready An' Willing


Band: Wishbone Ash

Definitive: Argus


Band: YES

Definitive: Close To The Edge


Band: Neil Young

Definitive: Harvest


Band: ZZ Top

Definitive: Eliminator


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